Trish Tillbrook – Say G’day G’day

We thank Trish Tillbrook, one of our Facebook group members, for allowing Travel Yarns to publish her Poem ‘say G’day G’day’

G’day G’day

I used to struggle day after day
And all because I was going grey.
I forgot that feeling old was just a state of mind.
My young and happy attitude I decided I just had to find,

How many people who are getting older
Start to go grey and then they start to feel bolder?
New challenges await each new day
And face them we do, no matter what others say.

Some of us decide to wander around and around,
As we search for a new and free camping ground.
It used to be the whole of Australia, but now it’s just our state.
Or if you’re locked up in Melbourne, you might have left it too late.

The freedom of the open road calls loudly to many of us
And we respond without much worry or fuss.
HIS tool shed is now a 100-piece toolkit bag in the back of the Ute
And US girls no longer worry about dressing up to look pretty and cute.

We’ve relaxed our lifestyle and learnt new skills.
As we seek out new sightseeing thrills.
Wherever we go we look for a daily new adventure,
Before a dr somewhere starts to mention dementia.

Out of the front gates and no more land rates.
Happy hour of hearty conversations with new and old mates.
Caravan parks or free camp, it doesn’t matter,
We all now have time to have a laugh and a natter.

Backing a caravan into a new site
Can easily lead to a small fight.
She says “Go that way….noooo that way!”
But he doesn’t listen, come what may.

Sometimes there can be a near miss
As one starts to shake their head and sometimes their fist.
Finally the van is unhooked and at rest
And they smile at each other as they’ve both done their best.

The housework is quickly done and dusted
Daily chores within an hour are fully busted.
There are no lawns or weeding to be done,
Just the planning for a retirement of daily fun.

A relaxing walk around a beautiful beach or lake
And then off to a new bakery; maybe for coffee and cake.
Or find a sunny spot and rest your tired feet
Because this new life, it really can’t be beat.

I taught my better half to play a game.
Rummikub was its name.
He learnt far too quickly how to win, and win
And daily he laughed as he took away my grin.

Going grey is a privilege that many never get to be
So relax and make lots of tracks to the bush or the sea.
Shades of grey is a seniors bedtime story so some say
So always remember that now we have more time to play.

Us grey nomads are seenagers enjoying our twilight years.
We can party and have fun without any fears.
Because for us, this wonderful retirement life is here to stay.
So wave at others and smile and say g’day, g’day.

By Trish Tillbrook

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