Queensland / Cape York

Living in the Rural and Isolated Cape York

When I arrived from the UK over 5 years ago now, I never imagined there were places as isolated in Australia as my current home is! After 3 weeks in Cairns, I secured a job 850km north in the Iron Range National Park, Cape York. On my first day at work I met the man I would eventually settle down with and the rest is history. Now I am enjoying living in the rural and isolated Cape York.

Portland Roads

Together, we’ve been living in the historical township of Portland Roads with our two children. There are currently 11 permanent residents, including us and our two children, and the nearest major town is about an 11-hour drive south. Despite being so isolated, we consider ourselves very lucky and often talk about having “just another day in paradise”. The area is sandwiched between the tropical rainforest on one side and the Great Barrier Reef on the other and there really couldn’t be more beautiful a place to live.

On our days off we can enjoy snorkelling, diving or spearfishing untouched areas of the Great Barrier Reef, camping on deserted islands fringed by coral reef, exploring 4wd tracks on the quad bikes, hiking secluded tracks to find hidden waterfalls, spotting rare wildlife and so much more!

The park is only accessible by road during the dry season so when the wet season hits and the rivers flood the only way to reach us is by a tiny 20 seater plane into the nearby indigenous community of Lockhart River.

Living in the Rural and Isolated Cape York, may not be for everyone. But I am sure if you came for a holiday, you would find plenty to enjoy.

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