New South Wales / Blue Mountains

Dreamtime legends in the Blue Mountains

The UNESCO World Heritage Area of the Blue Mountains is one of Australia’s most beautiful regions spanning over 4,000 miles. It’s easily reachable from Sydney by car or train and the best place to stay overnight is Katoomba town. 

As well as being a favourite with nature and hiking lovers, the Blue Mountains is known for its Dreamtime legends. The most photographed place in the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters rock formation made of three unusual heads. An ancient Dreamtime legend tells the story of three sisters, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo who were local village girls from the Jamison Valley who fell in love with three men from a rival tribe. The relationship was prohibited so the men tried to capture the girls and thus, a battle began. The elders chose to turn the three sisters to stone to protect them from conflict where they remain to this day, according to the legend.

This isn’t where the myths and legends surrounding the Blue Mountains end. While panthers are not known to live in the region, there have been over 500 sightings during the last 20 years and some convincing photos of a huge black cat stalking the undergrowth. Stories of UFOs and ghosts are also commonplace and there have been several reported sightings of a woman clad in black walking the Victoria Pass hiking trail. One thing’s for sure: the Blue Mountains are an area full of mystery, which is perhaps why they attract so many writers, artists and other creative types.

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